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CRUMB RUNNER™ Counter Sweep + Squeegee

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Did you know that you can squeegee your countertops? Pro tip: sweep your countertops before wiping to avoid debris falling on the ground. 

  • Part squeegee, part brush and dustpan, this tool removes the messiest of puddles from counters and the tiniest of bits from countertops and tablecloths.
  • In addition to reducing paper towel waste, this set is self-standing or fits in a drawer.

Work smarter, not harder. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Laurie S
Handy Tool for Kitchen

This is such a handy tool to have on hand in your kitchen to pick up those crumbs quickly.

Taegan K

Useful, effective and easy to store away. Spills got nothing on this tool!

  • I love how the all purpose smell and clean my kitchen. This product is amazing! I will be getting more for my home - Grace O.

  • Works like a charm on baby tables, tables, doors, everything dirty. This product smells HEAVENLY! - Bretton G.

  • I'm obsessed, your cleaning supplies are the best I have ever used, it is wild lol - Brie S.

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