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Toxic fumes from oven cleaners are in the past. Embrace powerful yet superfine volcanic ash, pure essential oils, and degreasing plant-based concentrate, to make your cleaning experience effortless, eco-friendly, and 100% natural. This jar can last you between 1 and 6 oven cleans, depending on the state of the oven.

SCENT: Fresh gritty powder, infused with sweet orange, eucalyptus and perky peppermint essential oils.

SIZE/DESCRIPTION: This mighty scrub cleanses the interior of your oven. Here is how:

1. Spray your oven and oven glass with all purpose spray or soap/water.

2. Cover your favorite scrubber/sponge with the scrub. P.S. The complimentary copper scrubber is included for maximum effect (while supplies last). 

3. Scrub those greasy areas of your oven. Repeat if needed. Safe on oven glass.

4. Rinse once or twice and get ready for the next cookout.

PRO TIP: best used when your oven is pre-sprayed with our fierce ALL PURPOSE. Seriously, try it. 

INGREDIENTS: fine pumice stone, sodium bicarbonate, decyl-glucoside, cocamidopropyl-betaine, citric acid, benzyl alcohol, salicylic acid, vegetable glycerin, sorbic acid, polysorbate 20, eucalyptus, orange, peppermint pure essential oils. CAUTION: For cleaning use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Wear gloves during use. Keep in dry cool place. Best if used within 6 months of purchase. 


Customer Reviews

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Barbara Marshall
Oven Scrub

If you're tired of the toxic fumes you breathe in while cleaning your oven, this is the BEST alternative! Lovely fragrance and very effective product. The pumice adds a decent amount of grit but like any oven cleaning product, a little elbow grease is necessary. Tip - don't wait until your oven is so dirty you have to scrub too hard for too long. Excellent product!

Debbie M
Wow! Very impressed!

I followed the instructions and was VERY impressed with this oven cleaner (paired with the all purpose cleaner). I did have to scrub the glass a second time to get the remaining small bit off. Yes you need to put in some elbow grease but it was not as much as I thought it would take. I love the scent and the fact that it non-toxic and doesn't use the energy as using the self cleaning feature of the oven. I will be purchasing again!

Janna Waldner
Oven Scrub

I’m really glad it’s toxic free. And I love the all purpose spray. But I wasn’t really impressed with the oven scrub even though I was really hoping it would do the job. I used a lot of all purpose and used the oven scrub like suggested/recommended. I tried to let it sit and then scrub and I tried to put it on and scrub right away. I tried a few tricks before giving this review. No hard feelings😊
Love the non-toxic idea though, and will definitely keep the all purpose on hand.

Victoria Gauthier
Oven scrub

I immediately cleaned the door of my oven when this product arrived, it works amazingly and the smell is so great!! Love when a product actually does what it claims too!

  • I love how the all purpose smell and clean my kitchen. This product is amazing! I will be getting more for my home - Grace O.

  • Works like a charm on baby tables, tables, doors, everything dirty. This product smells HEAVENLY! - Bretton G.

  • I'm obsessed, your cleaning supplies are the best I have ever used, it is wild lol - Brie S.

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